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                   AS FROM 12th FEBUARY 2016 WE WILL NO LONGER BE OPENING ON 

                                                   SUNDAYS OR BANK HOLIDAYS


                                                          07:30hrs – 17:30hrs

                                                               SATURDAY 07:30hrs – 12:30hrs

                            All Deposits must paid on a CREDIT CARD in the hirers name

Bank View Hire Ltd was established in 1966 and has remained in the same family ever since. Located at Derby Road, Bootle on A565 between Crosby and Liverpool. We have a passionate experienced team of personnel dedicated to customer service. We offer an extensive fleet which means we can supply all your vehicle needs. We select the best makes and manufacturers to ensure our customers enjoy the best quality of offering of Van Hire in Liverpool.

We have a strict policy on vehicle age largely supplying vehicles less than 12 months old resulting in the most reliable and comfortable vehicle possible for our customer. Furthermore, newer vehicles are more efficient and therefore deliver best possible fuel consumption delivering savings on fuel costs. We welcome enquiries for specialist vehicles and Contract Vehicle Hire.

BVH – An Independently Owned Family Company

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Staged Accidents and Fraudulent Insurance Claims

van rental liverpoolBVH is working closely in conjunction with Merseyside Police, The Motor Insurance Database and Multiple Hire Companies in an attempt to combat and eradicate Staged Accidents and Fraudulent Insurance Claims to benefit our genuine customers.

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